Lake Chelan Flyers hosts events all year long. Come test your xc mettle in the Chelan SkyRace or land at the beach during our Beach’n. There’s always some fun to be had when flying in Chelan. 

Come open the season by landing on the beach! Fly from the Butte and land on the shores of Lake Chelan. This classic event is the kickstart to the season and gets everyone excited for the warm air ahead. 

The new Chelan Classic. One week of big flying. There are all kinds of contests to participate in throughout the week and our unique scoring system lets everyone participate regardless of wing class. Come fly the biggest air in the Pacific Northwest and watch your PR get demolished. 

The Flyer’s Triathalon. Hike up the Butte. Fly down and paddle across the lake. Put your skills and endurance to the test in one of the country’s most only flying trialthalons.