Lake Chelan Flyers (LCF) is a Chapter club of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) serving pilots in the Chelan area and the greater northwest.  LCF provides ongoing management of the Chelan Butte flying site, and serves as liaison between the flying community and the multiple land owning agencies and other parties involved.

LCF regularly hosts the annual Beach’n and Bike & Fly events, and supports other flying events and competitions through close cooperation with other USHPA Chapter clubs including Cloudbase Country Club (CBCC)Northwest Paragliding Club (NWPC) and the North Cascades Soaring Club (NCSC).

The goal of LCF is to help ensure the long-term availability of the Chelan Butte flying site as a fun, safe place for all pilots and families to enjoy.

Our Projects

We are constantly working to protect and improve the flying in the Lake Chelan area. Here are a few of our current projects. Get in touch and Get involved so we can all have more fun in the sky!

Weather Station Project

Real Time weather info from the top of the Butte! We are trying to work with the town and the local telecom to install a weather station on top of the Butte so that we can get realtime conditions updates before heading up. This will be an invaluable tool for all flyers coming to the area. 

Butte Bathroom

For years a disaster of a porta-potty lived atop the Butte. Looking for a better solution we are working with the Public Lands committee and the town to install a permanent composting toilet near launch. This makes sense not just for pilots but for all tourists too. Help keep the Butte Beautiful and support this project today!