2020 Beach’n Fly-in Festival
May tba, 2019

Season opener weekend spot landing contest for both hang gliders and paragliders. Landings are on the sand beach at Lakeside Park (lake level permitting).  In the event of high lake level, the LZ will be relocated to Chelan Falls Park.  Pilots are scored on accuracy and landing form. Pilots can make as many attempts as they wish, but only their three best landings will count for their final score. Sunday morning is the race to the beach. Pilots are timed from when their feet leave the ground at the top of Chelan Butte to the point where their feet touch again at Lakeside Park beach.

Important note for pilots: This is the ONLY time when landings are permitted at Lakeside Park, through a special event permit with the City of Chelan.  Do NOT land at Lakeside Park or any other City of Chelan park at any other time.  See Pilot Information page for complete site info and protocol.